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Golan Levin: Software (as) art | TED Talk |
OpenProcessing - Share Your Sketches!
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Processing Wiki
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learning and tools

Teaching | daniel shiffman
The Nature of Code
Fun Programming
Wolfram MathWorld
Paul Bourke
Color wheel | Color schemes - Adobe Color CC


selected from Processing Exhibition

120 Feet of Video Art: Final Exams at NYU's Big Screens Class
AADRL - Behavioural Complexity; Mobile, Self-Aware and Self-Assemble
cf. city flows - Comparative visualization of urban bike mobility - Urban Complexity Lab
.fluid - A reactive surface on Vimeo
Fragmented Memory | Phillip Stearns
In the Air
Just Landed: Processing, Twitter, MetaCarta & Hidden Data | blprnt.blg
Light Kinetics by Espadaysantacruz
Max Planck Research Networks
MIT Media Lab Identity | TheGreenEyl
Movie Clips | The Emergence Project
Nils Völker - One Hundred and Eight
ole kristensen > body navigation
Pathfinder | princeMio
Process Compendium (Introduction) on Vimeo
The Non-Linear Code of Dextro - Observation in Nature
Visual Editions : Composition No.1
We Are Chopchop / unnamed soundsculpture
YMYI - You Move You Interact, Digital Art Project by Joao Martinho Moura


Gallery of Computation | generative artifacts
Network B [1] on Vimeo
Process 18 (Software 3) on Vimeo
Universal Everything / Lovebytes

animation / visuals / video

ALPHA sound/visual performance on Vimeo
Casey Reas, Process 18 (Software 4), 2012 on Vimeo
daniel shiffman - Voronoi on Vimeo
data.anatomy [civic] by Ryoji Ikeda - YouTube
flight404, Solar (Goldfrapp)
flight404 Weird Fishes (Radiohead)
Julien Bayle. Uncommon Circles EP
LIA - Proximity of needs
Marius Watz | ElectroPlastique #1
Marius Watz | Illuminations B
Metropop Denim by Clayton Cubitt and Tom Carden : Built with Processing
R.E.M. Animal - Star Nursery
Self-Adherence (For Written Images) on Vimeo
Universal Everything / Audi
YouTube - Radiohead - House of Cards

interaction / installation

Bàcum /arts escèniques i visuals :: Múcab Dans :: BOMBOLLES DE PAPER :: Públic Familiar
May The Force Be With You - Teo Park
Messa di Voce - Tmema / Blonk / La Barbara
Nuage vert - Ruoholahti, Helsinki 2008
Nuage vert - Saint-Ouen, Paris
The Barbarian Group: NextFest Grass Wall - YouTube

data visualization

Aaron Koblin - Flight Patterns
Anymails - Visualization of my email inbox |
applet | valence | ben fry
base26: Built with Processing
FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics
[nytlabs] Project Cascade
Similar Diversity
The Dumpster: A Visualization of Romantic Breakups for 2005 | Rewiring the Spy
zipdecode | ben fry


Yeohyun Ahn

computational architecture

Generative Urbanism, Voxel City, via the Game of Life: Built in Processing > Archive > Processing for Architecture
Michael Hansmeyer - Computational Architecture
Nervous System

other projects

Aaron Koblin - The Sheep Market
{Software} Structures by Casey Reas et al.
[ uncontrol ]

people / projects

Aaron Koblin
Alba G. Corral - visualist
Andreas Schlegel -
ART+COM: Profile
ben fry
Casey Reas
Chris Sugrue
daniel shiffman
Debut performance by Silicium (Excerpt #1) on Vimeo
Eno Henze
Golan Levin and Collaborators
Hecatomb | Eno Henze
inconvergent - A Study of Generative Algorithms
information aesthetics
Ira Greenberg
Jared Tarbell
Jer Thorp
jerome herr
Joshua Davis StudiosDouglas Edric Stanley
Julien Bayle
Karsten Schmidt
lauren mccarthy
Leonardoworx LWX on Behance
LIA - Software Art
Marius Watz | Artist archive
Reza Ali Experiments With Dazzling Generative Typography - Creators
ryoji ikeda | news
Robert Hodgin
The Barbarian Group
Tom Igoe
Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet
Zach Lieberman and collaborators

digital art history

Artist and Computer
Computer Arts Society
Digital Art Museum
Generative Art
home | Database of Digital Art
Leonardo On-Line: Art, Science and Technology
Los orígenes del arte cibernético en España
Media Art Net | Homepage
Computer art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Data visualization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Generative art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interactive art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia